Advancing control of sexually transmitted infections during the era of the Sustainable Development Goals

The far-reaching, highly ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) build upon the momentum generated by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and are intended as a guide for health, social and economic initiatives until 2030. Implemented correctly, the STI agenda may well fit better within the SDGs than the MDGs, although that does not become directly clear at first glance. For refocusing attention on the control of STIs in the forthcoming years we propose a framework, most especially within low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

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A history and analysis of a scientific controversy: When is the optimal point to start antiretroviral treatment?

There have been numerous papers and books on South Africa’s catastrophic era of AIDS denialism. There is much less known and written about the “when-to-start antiretrovirals (ARVs)” debate. This debate offers a fascinating look at how scientific disagreements between reasonable people, who are experts in the field, work, and how consensus evolves as evidence accumulates.

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The truth about the tobacco industry in Africa

Faced with more stringent regulations and plummeting sales in the developed west, the tobacco industry’s future hinges on the hope of a sales boom in emerging markets in Africa and Asia. Africa, with its fast growing youthful population and rising prosperity, is even more appealing. This article discusses some of the hidden truths of the tobacco industry.

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New issue Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health (GJMEDPH)

The Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health is a peer reviewed, open access journal, with an international editorial board. Integrating biomedical, social and environmental sciences, we welcome a wide range of contributions with an emphasis on development and lower income settings in order to support the evidence base for disease prevention and control.

Some interesting articles relating to the African setting that have been published in the latest issue are:

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Fake news and distrust of science could lead to global epidemics

The year 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. There was no digital communication then to disrupt - or aid - the outbreak response, but there were also far fewer health technologies available, while rapid spread of the virus by plane travel was very limited. In 2018, when we face the next major infectious disease outbreak, it will be a test of how well we use - or abuse - the technologies and knowledge we've gained since 1918.

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