HIV Medical Activity Manager

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South Africa’s health, humanitarian, and socio-economic problems are characterized by extreme inequalities and misdistribution of resources.  Thirteen per cent of the population lives in “first world” conditions, while nearly 50% live in poverty, characterized by poor housing and limited access to basic services, such as water, sanitation, electricity and primary education.  Worldwide, South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV – at 7.1 million – and the largest antiretroviral therapy programme, the highest incidence of tuberculosis – with an increasing drug resistant TB epidemic.

MSF currently runs 3 projects in South Africa: 1. Piloting innovative models of care towards increased testing, linking, successfully treating (undetectable) and retaining people with HIV/TB, including DR-TB, in Khayelitsha; 2. Reducing HIV and TB incidence, morbidity and mortality via combination prevention in Eshowe; 3. Responding to Sexual & Gender Based Violence within a Large Migrant Population in Rustenburg. In addition to medical service delivery, MSF conducts operational research, training and mentoring, and advocacy towards policy change in the areas of HIV, TB, sexual violence, vulnerable migrants, and patent law reform in South Africa.

Based in Khayelitsha: Defining, coordinating and monitoring the medical activities and pilots/studies under his/her responsibility according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure the delivery of quality medical care for patients and their communities through best practices, as well as to improve the health condition of the target population through the implementation of novel pilots that aim to inform or change policy in and outside of our project boundaries.


  • Medical doctor. Desirable specialization or training in Public Health, HIV or Infectious diseases related studies.
  • Essential 2 year working experience related to the diploma/degree and previous experience in MSF in the field
  • Essential 2 years working experience related to operational research on HIV related programs
  • Essential computer literacy (excellent word, power point, excel and internet, STATA or other statistical software knowledge desirable)
  • Languages: English (fluent, spoken / written) isiXhosa (advantageous)
  • Competencies: Strategic Vision, Leadership, People Management and Development, Service Orientation, Teamwork and Cooperation

Principle activities and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating, assessing and supervising the proper functioning of the medical activities, according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures and through the correct and sounded compilation and analysis of medical data regarding patients’ health conditions.
  • Participating in the definition of annual planning and budget for the project and in the follow up of the programs/ project.
  • Supervising and ensuring that medical activities objectives under his/her responsibility are achieved, reporting to the technical referent any problem arising in the service.
  • Checking all administrative procedures related to pilot follow ups (SOPs compliance, monitoring and evaluation system, quality of medical care) are carried out correctly and according to MSF procedures.
  • Ensuring an efficient pharmacy management and monitoring the rational use of them within the pilots whereby dispensing of medication is part of the intervention (6 months supply, OIM, WB services). In coordination with the PMR, supervising the appropriate use of medical devices and anticipating future needs (drug forescating). Preparing the medical orders needed to implement the medical activities under his/her responsibility, and identifying and reporting to the line manager, non-medical support needs (material, infrastructure, transport, etc.)
  • Coordinating and monitoring the daily working plan of the team under his/her responsibility (absent personnel, vacations, tracking leaves …).
  • Planning and supervising, in close coordination with the HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training, performance evaluation, development and internal communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to improve staff capabilities and to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required

Participating in the monthly and quarterly reports according to guidelines (i.e. SitReps, medical statistical reports, etc.).

Tasks and responsibilities: project specific:

  • Coordinate and supervise the proper functioning of the following intervention/pilots: Differenciate Models of Care ( 6 months supply trial, Quick Pick Up ART model, Outreach Initiation and Management clinic), Outreach activities, Oral Self Testing Study, Welcome Services  assuring all objectives are achieved as per logframe in collaboration with the PMR when support and guidance is needed.
  • Participate in the production of operational research questions, protocol development, writing of SOPs and the follow up of all those as per MSF standards for the programs above, assuring that all those are being followed following best working pactises (medical, ethical and managerial).
  • Supervise and coordinate epidemiological support (through the assigned Epidemiologist) to the above activities, to assure proper monitoring and evaluation is achieved allowing optimal documentation of the pilots. Good understanding of data sets of each pilot is required to give support to the epidemiologist.
  • Active participation in the writing of abstracts, manuscripts, posters, toolkits or various reports in order to disseminate our lessons learned and description of our field experience regarding the programs above in collaboration with epidemiologist, technical referents and PMR.
  • Ensure minimum standards of pharmacy monitoring (drug dispensing) through the use of MSF standarised tools is happening within our pilots (6 months supply, OIM, WS).
  • Supervise the appropriate use of medical and non-medical devices and anticipating future needs (drug and other items forecasting). Preparing or supporting the preparation the medical and none-medical orders (IRs) needed to implement the medical activities based on program budget and updated forecasts, referring to line manager and supportive departments (material, infrastructure, transport, etc.)
  • Ensure mentoring and capacity building towards a career development for all team members is achieve, with the support of respective senior managers.
  • Coordinating and monitoring routine administrative procedures of the team working plan of the team under his/her responsibility (human resources related), with the support of PMR and HR department through the use of the MSF tools.
  • Planning and supervising, in close coordination with the HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training, performance evaluation, development and internal communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to improve staff capabilities and to ensure proper career development and the optimal functioning of the program.
  • Active participation in the annual revision of operations in collaboration with the PMR, coordination team and technical referents (SAMU) for afterwards formulate a proposed annual program proposal including the budget for the project.
  • Representation of MSF (related to the above programs) in various forums (HAST Policy Meeting, Provincial Forums, national forums (when delegated by coordination), international forums (conferences, technical working groups, etc) and internal MSF forums (within coordination and medical department) in collaboration/consultation with PMR and technical medical referent.
  • Participation in various team meetings bringing leadership to team members, to assure efficient communication and sharing is achieved in her/his department. Ensure that all team members have a common strategic vision of the program objectives and the means to achieve them. Monthly meetings with the Project Management team and programatic meeting with PMR are also required in a routine bases.
  • Participating in the monthly and quarterly reports according to MSF recommended guidelines (i.e. monthly power point presentations, quarterly medical reports, etc).


To apply: please email a one page application letter, your comprehensive CV with details of 3 contactable referees to: [email protected] Only short listed applicants will be contacted.