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Annette Gerritsen

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22 January 2018

Wits University is exploring a partnership with the American Medical Association to explore Health Systems Science in the African context. It is something Africans have long been advocating but under various other names: how to make health professionals more capable in managing a challenging health service delivery environment and being an agent for change on their patients behalf. Wits is exploring how to incorporate HSS more comprehensively (with inclusion of the private sector) into the undergraduate curriculum and would like to involve other Africans in this discourse. The monthly hour-long Webinars will have authors of the textbook commissioned by the American Medical Association presenting ideas briefly (20min) with an African sharing ideas from an African perspective and experience (20min). There will then be a Q&A. The themes for each webinar and the questions we would like to ask are laid out below.
Are there any African experts working in these areas and willing to present in a webinar? Please email contact details and background to [email protected].

What is Health Systems Science

How are African educators training doctors to be agents of change in an evolving health system, especially in training them beyond just basic and clinical sciences? How do we conceive the science of “Health Systems” with a whole system view, including public and private sector? What concepts / competencies do we need clinicians to have to do this?

The Health Care Delivery System

What are the key changes in the African health care delivery system? How is the clinicians ability to ‘manage’ important for the patient in the midst of such change? What skills in ‘managing’ are most critical in the African setting, especially with a whole system view (including public and private sector)?

Value in Health Care

What is the value equation in Africa? Are the issues of cost vs quality (safety/outcome/service) as relevant in Africa or are there others. What are the competencies considering private sector involvement?

Patient Safety

What are the patient safety issues in Africa? How do we develop systems in Africa to improve Patient Safety?

Quality Improvement

What are the key issues of quality for patients in Africa? What are the ways we can improve quality in health care in Africa?

Principles of Teamwork

What are the key issues in teamwork in Africa? What are the key skills required for teamwork? How do we equip health care workers for this environment?

Leadership in Health Care

How do we see leadership in healthcare in Africa? What are the competencies we need in healthcare workers in Africa for teamwork?

Clinical Informatics

What are the key changes in health information and technology evident in Africa? What do we need clinicians to be competent at? How do we achieve this?

Socio-Ecologic Determinants of Health

What are the key social determinants of health in Africa? How may health professionals engage in addressing these for their patients? How do we educate them in this?

Health Care Policy and Economic Payments

What are the key healthcare policy changes evident across Africa? What are the key payment reforms evident across Africa? What are the key competencies we require of health care professionals in embracing this change? How do we skill them in these?

Population Health

What are the key issues in population health care relevant to Africa? What competencies are required for healthcare professionals to manage populations? How do we skill them as students in these competencies?

Health Systems Science in Medical Education

How do structure HSS within medical education currently in Africa? How might this change as we move forward? What are the key competencies that would be more emphasised in Africa?

Assessment in Health Systems

How do we assess HSS currently in Africa, to see if our students can become agents of change for patients? What are the currents for change in assessment of HSS in Africa?

The Future of Health Systems Science

What do we see of the future of training healthcare professionals in Africa in embracing their role as agents of change? What are the key issues that will most likely change in the future? How can we equip students for these?

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