Gimme 5 – educational programme for the prevention of HIV

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Annette Gerritsen

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5 December 2016

The GIMME 5 team has been working on holistic education since a request in 2004 by the HIV/Aids Directorate of the Department of Basic Education of the Eastern Cape of South Africa for an educational programme for the prevention of HIV.

This programme has also been approved by the Directorate of Race, Ethics and Values of the National Department of Basic Education of South Africa for all the schools and all the grades of South Africa, but not yet implemented. What was implemented was a comprehensive curriculum with board games and animated posters of our value-based dudes, seen rotating on the website, for 5500 Eastern Cape grade R schools.

In order to educate about health, we need holistic fun programmes. One can no longer go into the townships and give a lecture on HIV. Nobody wants to listen. This topic is at present covered by the compulsory school subject of Life Skills/Life Orientation, which pupils are finding boring. As a result one of the provinces has approached us with the idea of rewriting the LO curricula of grades R – 12 based on the 15 value-based dudes starting with Foundation Phase. If holistic programmes are included in formal education, it gives educators, peer educators, volunteers etc. an opportunity of tackling informal education. Ideally one educator should be watching 4 learners playing at one time and thus older pupils should be used for this purpose for after school hours teaching, thus affording them the opportunity of gaining leadership skills.
Gimme 5 allows educators to be more dynamic and intuitive in their approach, as its has the ideal interaction, competitive spirit, role models and decision making opportunities to change current behavioural patterns.
Through its question base and role models, GIMME 5 has the opportunity of teaching about HIV/Aids, TB, malaria, sexually transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol abuse, violence against women and children, crime etc. World Organisations like the Gates Foundation, Skoll Foundation, Case Foundation, UNAIDS, Women Deliver, and more importantly the World HIV/Aids Conferences as far back as 2008 and 2010 have URGENTLY called for new intuitive and invigorating educational programmes for the prevention of HIV!
More emphasis should be put on prevention education; Prevention is certainly better than cure!
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