Medication Errors Symposium

Medication errors are relatively understudied in Southern Africa and South Africa is no exception. As such, the scale of medication errors will be presented based on a research study report that was published after a 16 week study at one of the country’s tertiary hospitals based in Gauteng. The report will explore the extent and impact of medication errors in South Africa’s healthcare, with a focus on the paediatric wards at the Gauteng hospital.

The one-day symposium will address a wide array of pertinent discussions including an understanding of the scale of medication errors as a risk in healthcare and the basic methods being used to prevent errors. The difference between human error and professional negligence will also be discussed.

The research study will further bring insights into the possible contributory role of pharmacy systems in the healthcare sector. The study will also explore medication error avoidance systems being implemented in the private sector, and how these systems can be applied.

Contact person: Miekie Monne
Contact details: 011 043 1058/073 955 5332
E-mail: [email protected]