Lean Healthcare Management course

Why should you attend?

Healthcare is the largest industry of our species, yet it is run according to the craft principles of its origins in the eighteenth century.

This leads to two questions; whether healthcare needs to be so costly and secondly, whether there are modern ways to run the industry that would improve outcomes.

As an answer to these questions, we build on Lean as an approach to manage systems with greater efficiency and reduced waste.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at operational staff and management in private and public healthcare.

The course will also be valuable for key members of government and non-profit organisations and consultants to the healthcare industry.

What will you learn?

We look at operations management in healthcare from a systems perspective, aiming to understand the context and challenges of this unique environment.

This course will refresh the context and background of Lean, leading into problem solving methods with particular emphasis on root cause analysis.

We will equip you with skills aimed at taking good lean ideas and implementing them, and once implemented, to measure their impact and evaluate whether the goals were met.

What are we trying to achieve?

We aim to provide an enriched understanding of Lean within the healthcare environment. This is done by introducing, and expanding on basic Lean philosophy, terminology and tools.

You will be equipped with problem solving tools to enable you to identify and analyse opportunities for improvement in a broad range of healthcare environments. You will learn about how improvement plans have succeeded, how they have failed and which lessons we can take from these.

2018 Course fee and dates

10th -14th September 2018

Cost: R 18 500.00 (Ex Vat)



To apply for this programme, complete the online application form.