7th MIM Pan African Malaria Conference – Dakar, April 15-20, 2018

The University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) has the pleasure to organize the 7th Pan African Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) in April 2018.

Twenty years after the first MIM meeting, Dakar Senegal will once more, have the honour to host this prestigious malaria conference.

By adopting the theme “Dakar II: Two decades of progress, challenges and perspectives in ending Malaria”; the 7th MIM conference will serve as an opportunity to review MIM’s 20 years of contribution to the global goal of ending malaria in Africa, to better address current malaria research and control priorities.

Leading and emerging malaria researchers are provided with a platform to show case their research exploits, to share experiences and novel ideas as well as to establish new research collaborations. Young African scientists will have the opportunity to interact with malaria experts.

Twenty years after the first MIM Conference which drew attention to major questions for malaria research, and identify ways to strengthen and sustain the research capacity of malaria endemic countries in Africa, several countries in Africa are now engaging towards malaria elimination.

Focus in Senegal, the first country report in the Roll Back Malaria Progress & Impact series describes how Senegal achieves a spectacular drop in its malaria burden. The exemplarity of the collaboration between scientists, the National Malaria programme and partners is a key of the success.

The 7th MIM Pan African Malaria Conference will be held at the new and prestigious Dakar International Conference Centre Abdou Diouf. The centre is one of the most advanced conference facilities in West Africa. which could accommodate a massive turnout of up to 2500 delegates.

UCAD with the Ministry of Heath and its partners will ensure the successful organization of the Conference in Dakar, a multicultural diverse city full of vibrant arts and tradition

Every effort is being made to ensure the delegates attending the 7th MIM Conference have a truly enriching experience, which rivals all previous MIM conference in terms of scientific content, exhibitors on display and social events.

You are invited to submit abstracts.