2017 World Healthcare Students Symposium

The World Healthcare Students Symposium (WHSS) is the world’s biggest students conference, a biennial global multidisciplinary summit that brings together healthcare students and healthcare professionals under one roof to learn, discuss and draw inspiration from eminent speakers, policy makers and renowned global health leaders through scientific, educational and cultural programs of this five-day long event.

WHSS also provides a unique platform for delegates to debate, build long lasting networks and friendships and come up with collaborative and innovative solutions to the World’s most pressing global health challenges. With around 3000 delegates expected to grace the World Healthcare Students Symposium in Kigali, WHSS 2017 will be the largest global gathering for healthcare students in history.


Understand and maximize the role of Healthcare in the SDGs​:

  • Advocate for a multidisciplinary curriculum training in Universities for healthcare students
  • Support the creation of strong and active healthcare alliances for students and professionals for tackling health threats with researches   and professional development through conferences
  • Create a platform when innovators in Healthcare showcase their to various stakeholders and promote a multidisciplinary approach in Health Innovation
  • Encourage governments to involve more youth in decision making from students level
  • Create a platform for both local and international healthcare students and professionals to various opportunities ranging from exchange program, major Universities, multinational companies and career guidance
  • Demystifying myths about Rwanda, through portraying the beauty of the country to all delegates in our excursions and sharing the success stories of our healthcare system hence increasing the number of tourism visiting the country

The 7th WHSS is taking place from November 23-27, 2017 in Kigali – Rwanda.

For more information visit the conference website.