Endurance physical activity impact on HFABP

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Annette Gerritsen

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24 August 2018
This article has been published in the Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health:

Sedentary lifestyle is an issue of great concern because of its deleterious health implications in developed and developing countries. It is associated with limited physical activity thus exposed people to high risk of developing various health conditions. The objective of this study was to determine and compare results of moderate and vigorous exercises on heart-type fatty acid binding protein (HFABP) before exercise, four weeks after exercise, eight weeks after exercise and twelve weeks after exercise.

Serum concentration of HFABP of both vigorous exercise group (30 male individuals who played football for 40 minutes daily for 3 days/week) and moderate exercise group (30 male individuals who engaged in mild jogging for 30 minutes daily for 5 days/week) were determined using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) technique. All data were expressed as Mean ± Standard Deviation (SD) and analyzed with Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) while multiple comparisons were done using Post Hoc test. Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used for correlational analysis.

The mean age for subjects in moderate exercise group was 23.13 ± 2.11 years while mean age for subjects in vigorous exercise group was 22.63 ± 1.67 years, with the mean age of both groups not significantly different. In both moderate and vigorous exercise groups, the mean serum concentration of H-FABP was increased but not significant (P<0.05).

Cardiovascular exercise leads to non-significant increase in heart-type fatty acid binding protein, indicating that the extent or intensity of the endurance exercise does not have serious impact on the binding protein.

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Originally published on www.gjmedph.com Vol. 7, No. 3 2018

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