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Uterine fibroids, an African problem

Growing interest in uterine fibroids and their effect on women has led to research that suggests that uterine fibroids are more severe in women of African descent than women from other racial groups. African women are also three times more likely to develop fibroids. However, regardless of the impact of the disease on African women, African countries have been slow to react.

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Framing Drug Addiction

Shaun Shelly in Q&A on Framing Drug Addiction

Megan Harker Elliott conducts a question and answer session with Shaun Shelly, drug policy, and advocacy specialist, with TB/HIV Care Association, and affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health at UCT. He lectures professionals, post-graduate and medical students on drug use and addiction. He’s also the organiser of the first South African Drug Policy Conference and sits on the advisory board of Families for Sensible Drug policy in the United States.

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